Basic Information

Ten facts about leasehold In 2004 Leasehold is still the only way to ‘own’ a flat, (sometimes a house). Leaseholde

Leasehold Law

The Landlord and Tenant Acts are monumental rule books They are not laws in the sense that most of us see the law – the

Leasehold Enfranchisement

Buying the Freehold Leaseholders buy out the ground owner (the freeholder). The leaseholders form a company. All participating


The threat of forfeiture – ‘confiscation without compensation’ is inherent to leasehold, because the leaseholder is

The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002

The last Leasehold Reform Act In 1998 the Government began consultation on the seventeenth Leasehold Reform Act. The following

Leasehold Disputes

Problems are inherent in the system. They are built in and they will not ‘go away’ with a new Act of Parliament Most dispu

Leasehold Advisors

The more complicated the law, the more advisors are needed to sort it out. The experts who are employed in disputes are someti

First Tier Tribunals

Their literature is disarming and friendly, but the experience can be threatening These were intended to be an improvement ove


Flat owners in the rest of the world all enjoy a version of common hold The Government has now legislated to allow property de

Lease Extension

A lease extension is buying more air time So called short leases are talked down by lenders and estate agents. Leaseholders wi

Right to Manage

The Right To Manage (RTM) gives lessees the powers and responsibilities under the Lease that the Freeholder had Leasehold man

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Shula Rich BA MSc Honorary Co-ordinator Leasehold Enfranchisement Association. Engaged in leasehold issues since 1991. First i